Visiting Gran - おばあちゃんち


Not all my friends are in my age. In fact, quite a few of local friends in this town are in their 60s, 70s and even 80s.
They do take good care of foreigners (including myself, grown in other part of Japan), and very warm and welcoming people.
From time to time, I visit one of them to learn about customs (mostly about food, you know) and chat about how they went through all these changes happened in the society, including recent ones like depopulation.



It was chilly yet sunny morning, she was outside getting rid of snow.
We went in the house, chatted about 2 hours, watching telly and sipping tea.
That day she presented me with some Onigiri, rice balls with hand-cooked garlic miso paste in it, as well as some
seasonal relishes which is also prepared by herself.