Migrate to Akita

June 2013, Granddad on the beach of Katsurahama

I was born and raised in Saitama. My heart has always been in Akita. Akita is where my mother was born and raised till she was 18, and my grandparents and her younger brother's family currently live together in the house that's recently re-built. My family used to visit Akita once or twice every year, either during the summer break or winter break. My grandparents often took me to the beach whenever we visited over summer. We've always been to the same spot, called 桂浜 (Katsurahama). There was nothing really special about that beach in particular, but the beach and the sea was a little cleaner compared to others.



July 2016, Katsurahama

As I graduated from university, it was quite obvious that I cannot live anywhere near Tokyo, I decided to look for a job in Akita. Somewhat found a job as a bridal photographer but the job didn't mean anything in the end. Most importantly, I was more than happy to find myself living in Akita. My skin recovered as I lived on. It took a while till I was actually able to go out on my own, but I am sure it was the very first time in my life I truly appreciated that how amazing, yet fragile our life is.



August 2016, Mum and Grandma in my flat

She stayed in my flat for a couple of weeks and took care of me

Until I started working in October 2016, I walked a lot to rehab, and re-started taking pictures.